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See improvements fast with Vedic Meditation

  • Are you having trouble falling asleep?

  • Pinging awake at the dreaded 3am?

  • Waking up after a full nights sleep still feeling tired?

These symptoms are all indicators that the quantity of stress chemicals in your body is too high.


These chemicals - adrenaline, epinephrine, cortisol - all keep your body amped up (similar to having too much caffeine) when you really need to be resting and regenerating.


Vedic Meditation restores the balance by triggering the release of bliss chemicals - dopamine, serotonin, anandamide - and studies show that within the 20 minutes of meditation, these bliss chemicals have literally dissolved the stress chemicals that are running around in your body. So not only do you feel calmer after the meditation, when you come to go to sleep, the quantity of stress chemicals in your system is low enough that you can get to sleep, stay asleep and wake refreshed.

Why is sleep so important?


Good quality rest is the foundation for our lives.


It’s during sleep that your body clears out stress, repairs and regenerates itself and charges your batteries for the day ahead. So when you have a disturbed nights sleep, the body doesn't get to everything on its nightly to-do list. If this continues for a sustained length of time this can lead to illness and premature ageing, not to mention the effects that being constantly tired and grumpy has on our work and relationships.


Vedic Meditation calms the nervous system enabling you to consistently get a good night’s rest and all the benefits that brings to your health, attitude and outlook on life.




Amazing. For years I'd waken regularly through the night and was constantly tired. After just a few days of Vedic Meditation, I'm finally able to sleep straight through to morning.  


Vedic Meditation has had a huge impact on my life. It has lowered my anxiety levels and stopped my panic attacks.


I’m less angry, more patient and take things less personally, which has improved my work and personal life.

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