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Hi, I'm Joanna - Vedic Meditation teacher and nutritionist.

Prior to starting Find Your Smile, I was a senior director in the marketing agency world, managing accounts for well-known brands in the banking, automotive and technology sectors.

And, as with most jobs, the more senior I got, the bigger the pressure to keep coming up with more innovative ideas, keep my team happy, and continue to hit an ever-increasing sales target.


Before I discovered Vedic Meditation, I would have said yes to all 6 of the major stress symptoms and had come to the conclusion that being permanently tired and cranky, requiring consistent hits of caffeine, sugar and alcohol to be alert and interesting, and constantly having to battle with my emotions was just normal for my life.


"Pull yourself together" or "worse things happen at sea", as my Granny would have said, became regular affirmations.

Joanna Hannam

Vedic Meditation

So I was very relieved that within days of learning this technique my sleep pattern had significantly improved, my emotions stabilised and, over the preceding weeks and months, I continued to notice positive changes in my temperament, brain capacity, creative thinking and overall sense of happiness and well-being.


I was so convinced of the power of this technique that within 1 year of practising this meditation, I started the 2-year process to become a teacher with the desire to pass this amazing knowledge onto others.

To hear more about my story, the positive effect this meditation has had on my life and those around me, and what it could do for you, contact me to arrange a chat.



My interest in nutrition started within a few months of learning Vedic Meditation.


Firstly, during the meditation course we talked a lot about how the body stores and releases fatigue and stress and I realised I had very little understanding of how the body actually worked. And secondly, I started to notice that I didn’t feel so great after eating or drinking certain things I’d always consumed and I became curious as to why this might have changed.


Alongside a good understanding of Ayurvedic principles, I have a qualification in Nutrition and regularly work with clients on weight loss, emotional and immune system issues. 

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Vedic Meditation is an easy, fast working technique.




Have your cake (and coffee) and eat it!


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