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There are so many benefits to practicing Vedic Meditation. Here are some of the main ones.

  • Sleep better
    Good quality rest is the foundation for our lives and is one of the first improvements meditators of this technique notice very quickly. It’s during sleep that your body clears out stress, repairs and regenerates itself and charges your batteries for the day ahead. Unfortunately stress agitates your nervous system disrupting your ability to get to sleep and stay asleep so this natural healing and recharging time is missed and, contrary to popular belief, can’t be caught up on at weekends or on holiday! Vedic Meditation calms the nervous system enabling you to consistently get a good nights rest and all the benefits that brings to your health, attitude and outlook on life.
  • Think better
    Stress activates the reptilian part of the brain responsible for keeping you alive - your fight or flight mechanism. This part of your brain isn’t interested in making good decisions about the future or being nice to the people around you, it’s concerned with keeping you alive. Now that was great when we were faced with a saber tooth tiger, but not so helpful during the rush hour commute, a difficult work meeting or when dealing with an upset child or partner. When you practice Vedic Meditation your stress chemical levels reduce enabling your prefrontal cortex to take back control. This is the CEO of the brain and as such is an expert in making good decisions and handling challenging situations. Over time, this meditation technique increases alpha brain waves and thickens the corpus callosum, the connective tissue between the left and right sides of the brain, leading to improvements in decision making speed, planning, creative thinking and clarity of thought.
  • Feel better
    Your ability to fight infections and heal quickly is impacted by stress weakening the immune system and disrupting your sleep, the time when the body is meant to be most active in repair and regeneration. After a bad night's sleep, most of us will hit the caffeine and sugar in an attempt to wake up. This makes you may feel better for a short while, but your body, already tired and way behind on its to-do list from the night before, now has to deal with this new influx of toxins, using up time and energy it was going to use for regenerative or immune system work. In a desperate attempt to catch-up, instead of processing these toxins, the body just stores them in fat cells to deal with at a later time. As previously mentioned, regular practice of Vedic Meditation helps to improve your sleep which supports the body’s natural ability to fight infection and heal itself. Add in 2 further periods of rest and repair during the day when you’re meditating and your body is on the fast track to much better health. Our thoughts also affect how we feel, so having a clearer, calmer mind will positively improve how you feel and help you make decisions that support a healthier lifestyle.
  • Look better
    Being stressed and tired ages you – both inside and out. Stress chemicals released during fight or flight have a highly corrosive effect on the body. This system was never designed to be consistently on, which, thanks to our manic lifestyles, it often is. So the modern body is having to process a lot more of these chemicals than it was originally intended to do. Add in a disrupted sleep pattern and your poor body doesn’t have the time or energy for the repair and regeneration normally on it’s nightly to do list. Vedic Meditation reverses this through providing incredibly deep levels of rest that boosts your body’s rejuvenation system and, studies have shown, can actually reverse your biological age.
  • Live better
    When you’re well rested you can think more clearly and as a result tend to make better, healthier life choices. You’re also much happier and positive which makes you someone people want to be around, so all your relationships improve, both personal and professional, and you begin to love life again. Meditation isn’t just about quietening your mind for a moment of peace or helping your body to heal itself. It's about introducing that quiet into your everyday life. This technique really does improve all areas of your life and can be a life changing experience for you and those around you.
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